What is the LiquidTrainer?

The LiquidTrainer® is a biofeedback device that balances both hemispheres of the body and brain with the use of water and ground reaction force (GRF).


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From Our Customers

From Our Customers

Accessible to almost anyone, regardless of age and health status, the LiquidTrainer® is one of my favorite “go to” tools to help stay in shape. I recommend it to friends and patients without hesitation. It offers a rare combination of training for balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and mental focus. The way it can compliment or enhance the benefits of other training routines is truly unique. The beginning movements are easy to learn and with reasonable consistency over time the benefits are undeniable.

- Pat Barbee, Acupuncturist and Bodywork Therapist

The LiquidTrainer® has been an incredible tool for me and my students. As a martial artist, kinesthetic awareness and left/right brain coordination is an important part of our foundation. It is also a great warm up and cool down for our joints. I highly recommend the LiquidTrainer® to any athlete, young and old as it has many applications!

- Renshi Shihan Tom Callahan, 5th dan; USA Chairman and International Secretary Kyokushin-Kan Karate

Ever since I started playing with the LiquidTrainer®, I have seen improved spatial awareness, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and focus clarity. When using the LiquidTrainer®, you will also find improvement with your tempo, timing and rhythm. The LiquidTrainer® has proven to be a very useful tool in helping my golf students – young and old – learn the coordinated movement involved with the golf motion. You will have a lifetime of learning with the LiquidTrainer® and use your knowledge in all facets of your life. The joy I see in everyone’s faces when using it is priceless.

- Sean Barrett, PGA, Falmouth Country Club

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