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Experts in a variety of fields find great value in the use of the LiquidTrainer® for themselves and their own clients.

The LiquidTrainer® has been an incredible tool for me and my students. As a martial artist, kinesthetic awareness and left/right brain coordination is an important part of our foundation. It is also a great warm up and cool down for our joints. I highly recommend the LiquidTrainer® to any athlete, young and old as it has many applications!

- Renshi Shihan Tom Callahan, 5th dan; USA Chairman and International Secretary Kyokushin-Kan Karate

The LiquidTrainer® is absolutely, positively fabulous. Learning to work with this tool has consistently improved my sense of balance, proprioception and mood. When feeling overwhelmed, I know some time with the LiquidTrainer® will restore harmony in mind, body and spirit. Plus, it is so fun!

- Dana Pauzauskie, Founder of Opal Eyes Co.

Ever since I started playing with the LiquidTrainer®, I have seen improved spatial awareness, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and focus clarity. When using the LiquidTrainer®, you will also find improvement with your tempo, timing and rhythm. The LiquidTrainer® has proven to be a very useful tool in helping my golf students – young and old – learn the coordinated movement involved with the golf motion. You will have a lifetime of learning with the LiquidTrainer® and use your knowledge in all facets of your life. The joy I see in everyone’s faces when using it is priceless.

- Sean Barrett, PGA, Falmouth Country Club

Ron Lemire, who taught me the LiquidTrainer®, was at my birth, so you could say we go way back. I’ve experienced the evolution of the LiquidTrainer® over the past 25 years seeing the movement system develop. The liquid training has shown up in my life at different times for different reasons. As a kid, I enjoyed the playful nature of moving the water from side to side. It was a game for me and I would challenge myself to come up with new movements and ways of working with the bag. In my mid-twenties after many years studying martial arts, dance, functional fitness, somatic awareness, and bodywork I became a personal trainer. I began using the LiquidTrainer® daily, working with clients, and for my own training. The LiquidTrainer® has been an amazing tool to grow my body intelligence, coordination, core integration, mobility, and fluidity while maintaining a spirit of play.  Like water, the LiquidTrainer® is so adaptable, gentle yet powerful in its shaping and strengthening of the body and mind. I feel the world is finally ready for the LiquidTrainer® to hit the mainstream and revolutionize the fitness industry bringing flow, feeling, and integrated movement back into the center of our lives.

- Jeremy Roske: Musician, Actor, Fitness Trainer

The LiquidTrainer® is the world’s most powerful mind/body training tool, teaching us to move fluidly so we may experience our maximum potential. Its natural flowing motion balances the brain while building strength, flexibility and endurance with minimal effort. It’s fun, easy and recommended for individuals of all ages. I love the LiquidTrainer® and so will you.

- Dr. Jacob Liberman Author of Luminous Life: How The Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living

I first learned the benefits of the LiquidTrainer® when I was a teenager. Many years later, I still carry one with me as I travel the world painting, teaching art and performing as a live artist. I am grateful for the practice, grounding properties and rebalancing effects after many hours at the easel.

- Amanda Sage, Artist

I am a professional musician, music teacher, musical instrument repairman, golfer, mountain biker, telemark skier, fisherman, and avid outdoorsman. I have been using the LiquidTrainer® for many years. It has been a very special tool for everything that I do. Besides all of the benefits for my outdoor recreational activities, it has proven to be a wonderful tool for music, whether it be me or some of my students. Music has a magical flow to it, whether it be rhythmically or tonally. The LiquidTrainer® helps to lock into a flow that can reinforce the same characteristics as music. It can help someone find a “groove” that corresponds to a musical entity, a golf swing, a ski turn, etc…  I have seen improvements in my music students that have used this awesome tool. Better time, better pitch, better control of what they want to say musically. Also, it can help the musician to stop thinking about too many things and allow the musical entities to flow within themselves. To me and many pro players around the globe – less thinking and more relaxed focusing helps produce a better musician. Kudos to the creator – it’s something we all can really benefit from.

- Joe Kingston, Musician and Teacher

The LiquidTrainer® is a great tool for student fitness. Students can exercise at their own level and explore the creative movements of the trainer. Most importantly, the LiquidTrainer® can be used by kids of all abilities. When I introduced the trainer to my students, they not only thought it was fun, they even developed their own routines!

- Judy LoBianco, Past President of SHAPE America, and Nationally Recognized Physical Fitness Educator

I incorporate the LiquidTrainer movements almost daily in my routine. I am still working professionally as a bodyworker at age 66, and doing some of the most profound and healing work of my life. No way I would be able to do this without the “Liquid Trainer”. It’s a game changer. The dynamics of “Flow” really can never be fully explained because it truly has to be discovered and developed by the individual. Coordinating the mind and body opens pathways for a movement experience that rolls over into everything we do. Our left and right hemispheres of the brain are synergized through the dance of motor-sensory motion. We alternate directing and being directed by the water and sometimes arrive at a flow state that can often be described as nothing short of ecstatic.

- Brian Roberts, Author and Certified Hoshino Therapist

As a dancer, a yogi, a domestic woman, a mother of a toddler, and a kindergarten teacher, my life is rich and full. Making time to align my body and mind efficiently is a must every day to feel successful. From the moment I picked up the LiquidTrainer, I knew it was a comprehensive tool to help me do just that. By flowing with the LiquidTrainer for 10 minutes I regulate my nervous system, increase my heart rate and generate elasticity and ease in my muscles and joints. The LiquidTrainer is fun and easy to transport and it’s a brilliant tool to generate connection with the elementals, aiding my wellbeing and life on Gaia. The LiquidTrainer offers a unique framework to model to my daughter my commitment to cultivating joy, enhancing health, and accessibility as she sees it enjoyed by people of all ages and body types.

- Chelsea Beliveau, Yoga Instructor and Early Childhood Education Teacher

Accessible to almost anyone, regardless of age and health status, the LiquidTrainer® is one of my favorite “go to” tools to help stay in shape. I recommend it to friends and patients without hesitation. It offers a rare combination of training for balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and mental focus. The way it can compliment or enhance the benefits of other training routines is truly unique. The beginning movements are easy to learn and with reasonable consistency over time the benefits are undeniable.

- Pat Barbee, Acupuncturist and Bodywork Therapist

“It does not matter if you play lacrosse, or baseball, compete in martial arts or are a crossfit athlete, professional Triathlete, or a weekend soccer player. Or if you find bliss in yoga or dance or meditation. Name a sport or movement art and I can assure you that the LiquidTrainer will enhance your enjoyment and performance both mentally and physically. I have worked with world class athletes from the NBA to Elite Dancers and taught them my system over the last 30 years and they have all excelled and thanked me. Take this journey with me and I guarantee you will say this is one of the best investments you have ever made or your money back!”

Ron Lemire, Founder and Developer of the LiquidTrainer® and the Flo Dynamic Movement System™

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