The Flo Dynamic Movement System™

Included with your purchase of a LiquidTrainer® you will receive full access to the Flo Dynamic Movement System™, our comprehensive, fully accredited movement course which includes Level 1 Foundational Movements and Level 2 Dynamic Movements.


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“The Flo Dynamic Movement System has been an amazing program to grow my body intelligence, coordination, core integration, mobility, and fluidity while maintaining a spirit of play. Like water, the movements you learn and execute with the LiquidTrainer are adaptable, gentle yet powerful in its shaping and strengthening of the body and mind.”

Jeremy R – Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Flo Dynamic Movement System™

The Flo Dynamic Movement System™ (FDMS) is a proprietary system of movements developed by body-mind master, Ron Lemire. His 35 year journey to perfect the system and its tool – the LiquidTrainer® – was one that saw encounters with exercise enthusiasts, professional athletes, dancers, martial artists, coaches, trainers, sports medicine doctors, and rehabilitation specialists. The FDMS is based on the different ways a human body can move, built upon the concept of Ground Reaction Force (GRF) and there are eight primary moves to explore. This program is designed to dramatically increase flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, power, and endurance.

The Eight Fundamental Movements

These movements provide the groundwork necessary to become familiar and efficient with the system as a whole. Each of the eight movements are stationary and are designed to help the user establish a well-rounded understanding of how the LiquidTrainer® works in all planes around and through the body. To get the most out of the Eight Fundamental Movements of Level 1, be sure to master the footing and pivoting that translates gravity through the legs and body. This will not only insure the most functional movement through the body, it will also affect your performance level with greater efficiency in all that you do. 

There are four principles embedded in the Eight Fundamental Movements:

  1. Biomechanics of the Water Moving Through the LiquidTrainer®.
  2. Ground Reaction Force.
  3. Fluid Dynamics of the Water Integrating Core Intelligence.
  4. Hand/Eye Coordination as you Track the Water.

The energy from Ground Reaction Force is utilized up through the neuro-muscular kinetic chain, from the firmly planted foot, to the ankle, knee, hip, core/trunk, and out through the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands. Sending the water coursing through the LiquidTrainer® is an extension of that chain and a visual reminder of the flow of energy from the Earth and up through our own bodies. When each movement is initiated proprioceptively with Ground Reaction Force, core intelligence occurs. Picking up and tracking the water on each side of the body sharpens hand-eye coordination.

The 3 Levels of the FDMS

The first level is the most basic interpretation of each stationary movement from the Eight Fundamental Movements. The goal of this level is to establish a connection with the energy exerted from Ground Reaction Force and begin to cultivate Motor Sensory Awareness by mapping the internal terrain of the body in motion. Level 1 movements also teach the user how to manipulate the water through the LiquidTrainer® in constant feedback with Ground Reaction Force.

The second level of the Flo Dynamic Movement System™ begins from the stationary positions of Level 1 and adds new steps in all directions while directing the LiquidTrainer® through various planes of motion. The LiquidTrainer® will feel more like an extension of the self, utilizing one’s greatest range of motion in all joint areas.

The third level is about entering Improvisation where movements are woven into more complex patterns and the ideas of Exploring, Discovering and Connecting are entertained. Though the detailed movements of Levels 1 & 2 can be completed in sequence, level 3 encourages users to move freely in the constant exchange of directing and following the water. At this level of free flow, the user will be able to simulate most athletic, dance and martial art movement and with the advantage using both hemispheres of the body equally. The users keen sense of Motor Sensory Awareness will certainly border on the mystical realms. 

How Are the FDMS and LiquidTrainer® Different? 

Most fitness training today such as weightlifting, step aerobics, medicine balls, calisthenics, etc are linear in nature. Their emphasis is on prime muscles moving in one plane of motion instead of in multi plane movements that sports and dance are performed in. These disciplines, while valuable in their own regards, do not express what our fluid bodies are capable of.

The LiquidTrainer® in conjunction with the The Flo Dynamic Movement System™ is all circular in expression, from half circles to full circles in all possible planes of motion. And all of these movements are executed with the motion of water that is 2 to 3 pounds in weight. It acts as both resistance and counter resistance that not only strengthens the joint areas but decompresses them as well, allowing lost movements to be restored as well as discovering movements the body never knew it had.

The Flo Dynamic Movement System™ is a unique program that has been carefully designed with influences from Martial Arts, Dance and Endurance Athletics and more. It captures the beauty of fluid motion and incorporates physical strength, flexibility, balance and coordination for effective and functional exercise. There is nothing to compare it with as the element Water becomes your teacher. It is truly a breakthrough in movement dynamics, and anyone can use it. And last but not least, the easiest and best way to learn these movements is to have fun. You will eventually adapt the philosophy of no fun, no do.

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